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128 Le Hong Phong st.

3rd ward, 5th district, HCMC, VietNam
Tel: (848) 38381620

Fax: (848) 38381619

Tax ID: 0301276555

E: tandatviet@vnn.vn

W: www.tandatviet.com



Monday, May 27, 2024

Cng ty Tn Đạt Việt thnh lập v


Established in VietNam since 1995,TANDATVIET Co., Ltd. recommending Taiwanese technology, entire equipment for Thermo forming manufacture. We specialize in designing, manufacturing plastic Thermo forming packaging.
Sheet extruding : many of extruders, provide with variety of materials and specifications.
Molding : Complete set of machinery, with able experiencing technician and mechanic, entiring the molding assignments from designing, samples drafting to molds finishing.
Products manufacturing : Skilled workers with up-to-date full auto Thermo forming machineries; large sized oil pressure cutters; auto edge folder, making products cope with strictly request of customer.
First class facilities; high quality control; prompt delivery and reasonable prices, providing the most specialized and sincerest service.


Based on the policy of Classic credit - Ensuring qualities, we always do our best to meet the request of immediately, refined, exactly, thus we were identified by local and foreign Customers as their main supplier as well as long-term partner in Vietnam.
Our packaging assists in raising the value as well as the superiority in market competitions of your products.
Your success would be our target, TANDATVIET will ever be your reliance.



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